9 de agosto de 2009

Querido Diario: Love [Día 144]

Some butterflys just have time to live one day in their lifes, in this day they have to do all: to born, to grow, to fall in love, to reproduce and when the twilight is comming to died. After that i'm thinking...i'd love to be like them, enjoy every second as if it were the last one in my life.

Someone said that fall in love is a reflex action, something that you can't learn or manage like breath but I don't think that the love is that way...I have to learn how to love someone thousand of kilometers away, to learn how to live without his breathing close to me, to learn waiting for every second by phone and I did it the same fear that a five years old girl skating for the first time, but I felt in love is something more, is give all without expecting anything in return. Love is lose your mind with every look, every touch, every breath.

Today, i'm waiting for you.

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